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Angel's Care Fund

A Heart For Healing

At Angel's Care Fund we support homeless dogs by providing medical funding to shelters and rescues. We grant financial assistance for life-saving medical procedures or those that enhance quality of life. We are also devoted to networking and outreach.  We work to supply enrichment and toys as well as basic necessities for animals in these types of environments. By traveling to these often overlooked and underfunded shelters we hope to bring awareness to the community.  With our continued efforts we aim to create a long term positive impact for years to come.

About Us

Medical Funding

Angel’s Care Fund (formerly Angel's Furever Foundation, Medical Funding Division) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization devoted to addressing the growing number of animals left homeless, in part due to treatable medical conditions that are unaffordable to owners.  In many cases, shelters and rescues do not have the funding to provide the necessary care, thus the dogs are considered “unadoptable” and may even be considered for euthanasia.


We are dedicated to providing financial assistance to shelters and rescues for medical procedures that are life-saving or provide significant enhancement to quality of life.  It is our hope that, by lessening the financial burden, these homeless dogs can begin the journey to find their loving, forever homes.  


Since the formation of our nonprofit in March 2017, we have provided over $71,000 in funding for 149 dogs in shelters and rescues.  We rely on the support of people who believe in our mission and appreciate every donation we receive. It's because of our supporters that we can help save and improve lives. ​

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Angel's Inspiration

Angel was a 6-year old German Shepherd that found her way to Great Plains SPCA after her owner could no longer care for her.  After arriving at the shelter, it was discovered that Angel had a life threatening heart condition that would require expensive surgery. Unfortunately, the shelter didn't have the resources to fund the surgery.  


Wanting to give Angel the chance to have a normal life expectancy, a group of volunteers raised the funds and scheduled her surgery at the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center. The surgery was a success, and because of the care and love of a group of volunteers, Angel had 5 additional years and thrived in her forever home.  


Angel is the namesake and inspiration for Angel's Care Fund. The heart on the logo is a reminder of what can be done when someone cares and takes action.

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Funding Requests

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ACF provides financial assistance to shelters and rescues for dogs with treatable medical conditions that are considered unadoptable or unlikely to be adopted due to a medical condition.  In many cases, these dogs may be considered for euthanasia due to the financial burden. In other cases, a rescue may be unable to “pull” a dog due to the associated medical needs and costs. We seek to lessen this burden for shelters and rescues by providing financial assistance for the necessary treatment, allowing these dogs to be eligible for adoption.


Please review the following requirement for funding prior to submitting an application:


  • Fundable conditions include, but are not limited to, orthopedic surgeries, heart surgery, dermatologic conditions, eye surgery, heartworm treatment, and cancer chemotherapy.  

  • Routine veterinary care, including spay and neuter surgeries, are excluded.

  • There are no restrictions based on age or breed, but consideration will be given to additional underlying conditions and the expectation of improvement of quality of life after the proposed treatment or procedure.  

  • Payment will be made directly to the vet clinic providing care, not to the referring shelter or rescue. 

  • We reserve the right to decline financial assistance or to determine partial or complete funding of the proposed treatment.  

It is important that we can easily contact someone from the requesting organization during the evaluation process. Please be prepared to provide contact information. If repeated attempts to contact are unsuccessful, the application may be closed.

Upon receiving an email or message through Angel's Care Fund messenger, our team will review the request. The shelter or rescue will be contacted to review approval or denial of funding. Most denials will be based on lack of funding, as we will not be able to grant all requests.  ACF does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex or race. Every effort is made to use funds in the most responsible way.

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At the Vet

Shelter and Rescue Outreach


Join us in making a real difference.

Rural Outreach

Angel's Care Fund recognizes the challenges faced by many small, rural pounds that have limited resources and operate on a minimal budget. We appreciate the care given to the animals, and know that even food is often in short supply. Dogs may spend a long duration of time in cold, empty runs without beds or toys. Boredom is a significant issue and many dogs develop behavior issues because of it. Our rural outreach program supplies basic necessities as well as enrichment and toys for dogs in such pounds. When possible, our outreach team personally delivers supplies and visits the staff and dogs under their care.


Prior Recipients

Here are just a few of the many dogs we've helped.



Barkin' Dogs Rescue

Alphi was a shelter dog waiting for her forever home when she tore her ACL, requiring costly surgery.  She was in pain and with no funding available from the shelter, and no rescues able to cover the cost of her surgery, she was at risk for euthanasia. We provided funding for her surgery and she was taking into rescue where she is living happily in her foster home.



El Dorado Springs Pound

Emma contracted Parvo and found herself fighting for her life in a cold, dark pound. Her caretakers reached out to us for help, and we were able to cover her life-saving treatment under the care of her veterinary team.



MoKan Border Collie Rescue

Gus was surrendered by his owner because he couldn't do his job herding cattle. Once in rescue it was discovered that Gus had a congenital heart defect causing him to pass out with any exertion. Without major heart surgery, Gus wouldn't survive. We were able to run a donation matching campaign with Gus' rescue to raise the funds needed for his surgery. As you can see, his surgery was a success and he quickly became a favorite amongst the staff!

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

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ACF Fundraiser

Snuffle Mats and Rope Toys

Angel's Care Fund volunteers make snuffle mats

and rope toys as a way to support our mission.

Snuffle mats consist of strips of fleece tied to a rubber mat base.  Treats and pieces of kibble, even an entire meal, can be hidden amongst the fleece, prompting a dog to utilize his or her natural foraging skills to sniff out and find the treats.  This is a great source of enrichment and mental stimulation.  It's also a great tool for dogs that gulp down their meals too quickly! 

For more info or to order, please send an e-mail or contact us through messenger.  (Snuffles $20, Rope toys $5 + shipping)

*Please note:  snuffle mats should not be used without direct supervision.  Once the enrichment session is complete, mats should be taken up until the next session.


May be hand or machine-washed.  Air drying preferred.  

Snuffle Mats


Angel's Care Fund sells Snuffle Mats to help us further our mission of medical funding and outreach.  Snuffle mats call on a dog's natural foraging tendencies and serve as a great form of enrichment for your pet as he uses his sense of smell to sniff and search for hidden treats. They're also great for dogs who eat too rapidly, causing them to search and find each piece of kibble. 

*Pets should always be supervised when using the mats, and mats removed when the enrichment session is complete. 

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